In Their Own Voices: The Writers of the Himalayan Hope Home – Volume 6

Please enjoy July’s essay by “Hope girl” Phurba. Thank you for sharing your hope to give back to your own people through being a nurse, Phurba!

My Aim in Life


Class: 6

Different people have different aims in life. In the same way, I have also an aim. I have wanted to be a nurse since I was very young. In our country there are so many people who are not getting proper health treatment, and they die in their early age. My mom passed away because of not getting good health care in our village when I was just seven.

I faced so many problems in my life after my mom left us. My father remarried. Life was not easy, but fortunately I got a chance to stay in Himalayan Hope Home and the opportunity for a good education.

I don’t want to see any people die in their early age and their family suffer through big grief. I want to help people in those remote areas and save them. I know I have to work very hard to make my dream come true.


You can learn more about the opportunities provided to Phurba and her “sisters” at the Himalayan Hope Home here.

You too can help contribute to the betterment of medical services in rural areas like where Phurba is from by traveling with us in November to the village of Phuleli! We will be working together with community members to construct a new health post and community center. Learn more. 

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