Girls Bachelor’s Education Initiative

Goal: To provide scholarships to 12 girls from the Solukhumbu for Bachelor’s degree programs in Kathmandu.

Every year, The Small World provides 40 girls from the Solukhumbu with safe lodging, clean water, school tuition, fees, uniforms, books, school supplies, additional curriculum (such as computer classes) at the Girls Higher Education hostel in Salleri, Nepal. This program supports girls in grades 11 and 12. But when they finish here, many girls want to continue their studies at the Bachelor’s level and many programs of study are only available in Kathmandu.

You can help change a life and sponsor one of these bright, motivated young women to help them continue their education in courses of study including nursing, engineering, public health, business management, social work and more.

Nursing students need a sponsorship of roughly $1200+/year for a 3 year program. Students of engineering, public health, business management and social work need a sponsorship of roughly $800+/year for a 4 year program. (Please view the profiles of individual girls to view cost breakdowns for their specific programs of study.)

Sponsor a student in full or partially by donating today.

Sponsors will be matched with one of our motivated, intelligent, hard-working young women and we’ll send you information about them  – pictures, updates, progress reports and more. To discuss specific young women that need sponsorship please contact us. We’d be happy to share their stories with you!

Young Women Who Need Your Support

p1120651    Sujata Gurung – View Sujata’s Profile

Just starting her 4-year program in management and accounting in a B.Bs. program. She dreams to work in a government bank in Kathmandu.

Jamuna Rai

Jamuna Rai – full profile coming soon

Jamuna was born and raised in the small Solukhumbu village of Waku along with her two brothers and one sister. Jamuna had to struggle to have the chance to be in school, like many children in Waku, but she was faced with the additional challenge of being born with one leg shorter than the other, which made getting to school hard, as well as making it hard for her to adjust with other people. Despite this disability, Jamuna worked hard and found her way into grades 11 and 12 with support from The Small World, which allowed her to live and study at the hostel for higher education in Salleri, Nepal.

Jamuna completed her grade 11 and 12 studies. In three months time she headed back to her home in Waku full of pride. But on the same day she returned home, she and two of her family members were stuck by lightning. Both of Jamuna’s hands were badly burned. She is still able to write, though, and is keen to pursue her studies. Her aim in life is to help support people with disabilities. But to achieve her dream she believes she needs to study further and learn more in the field of business.

Now living with friends in Kathmandu, Jamuna, age 19, desires to start a 4-year bachelor’s course in business studies at the Pashupati Multiple Campus school.

To achieve her aim of completing her studies and helping others with disabilities, she needs a sponsor. Will you help Jamuna pursue her dreams to help others who face challenges like hers? Donate today.

Young Women Who Are Thankful for Your Support

Pasi Sherpa Pasi Sherpa SPONSORED

Age 23, is studying Civil Engineering at Dolakha Multi Sectorial Institute; 3-4 year program. Aims to be the first female engineer from her village.

Durga Devi Basnet Durga Devi Basnet SPONSORED

Age 20, studying to be a science teacher at Mahendra Ratna Campus; 4 year program

P1120674 Goma Basnet SPONSORED

Age 20, is studying in a B.A. Humanities program and wishes to pursue radio journalism, NGO work in the Solukhumbu and work with the elderly.