Himalayan Hope Home

The Small World USA helps to support the operation of the Himalayan Hope Home in Kathmandu, Nepal, run by our partnering NGO, The Small World. Himalayan Hope Home (HHH) is a place of respite, safety, warmth and support for thirty orphaned or abandoned girls from across Nepal.

The girls that reside at HHH once lived in underprivileged communities in remote Nepal and were at-risk and vulnerable to trafficking and abuse. Now at HHH they are provided a safe home, parental care, and every opportunity for their holistic development. Thirty orphaned or abandoned girls now enjoy being part of a family, and receive education, proper nutrition, clothing, and health care. At Hope Home, their lives are precious, and so is their childhood. They don’t just dream; they learn how to achieve their dreams.

Read essays by residents girls of HHH on our blog.

At Hope Home our goal is to help the girls realize they cannot only dream, but they can also achieve those dreams. Their lives are very precious and so is their childhood. Here is what one girl said about her past:

“Being an orphan felt like a curse to me, I was helpless and had to work in poor conditions to survive.” – Shangita R.

Today, we are proud to say that Shangita has found a home, has graduated from secondary school, and she is now in her second year of college. Hope Home is a place where we aim to have every girl we support achieve these same dreams and levels of self-reliance.

View a day in the life of a girl at Hope Home here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs2o8O1VG8U

Program Delivery

The cost to sponsor a girl at the Himalayan Hope Home is $1,500 per year.

This cost covers daily healthy meals, full tuition fees for a quality education, clothing and school uniforms, school supplies and books, medical care, and a recreational program.

$1,500 x 30 girls = $45,000 annual program budget