Phuleli Community Health Center

We are wrapping up construction at the Health Center and will soon be moving onto the step of equipping it with medical equipment and supplies for each room. We are also working on fundraising to pay for annual operations, including salaries for two local nurses. Our fundraising goal for 2021 is $27,000. Yes, for only $27,000 we can fully equip the center AND pay for annual operations.

We have already raised $1,940. Donate today!

Timeline in Photographs


In May 2019 we broke ground on the health center! It was a very exciting time for us and for the community of Phuleli to see this project becoming a reality.

Autumn 2019: Health post is over half done!

The construction of the Phuleli health post is over half done. A huge thanks to Dr. Bart Roach for his support of this project and spearheading our ability to construct the facility!

health post sept 2020

February 2020: Even Closer!

We are well into the second level of the health post.

Feb 2020 Free community Health center , near Taksindu

March 2020: Looking good!

March 2021: Finishing the inside!


Nepal is one of the countries with very poor health infrastructure. The doctor to population ratio for the whole country is 1:1724. Like most developing nations, doctors are geographically poorly distributed across Nepal. In the capital city Kathmandu one doctor has 850 people to care for, but in the rural areas the ratio is one doctor for every 150,000 people. Besides this ratio, there are many barriers to health care such as poverty, complexity of the geography and lack of awareness.

Phuleli is one of the many remote villages in the Solukhumbu Region of Nepal in the foothills of Mount Everest. For basic medical treatment  at a hospital or clinic people need to walk for an average of at least 8 hours. There is an urgent need to address this problem.

After a needs assessment and a priority request from the local community people of Phuleli, our partner,  The Small World, has decided to provide a fully furnished, free medical center for this village in partnership with the local community, The Small World USA, and international donors and supporters.


Your donation will directly benefit this very important project by allowing us to equip and operate a community medical care center with 24 hour service. A full time health assistant & registered nurse will be employed to provide emergency care. We will have facilities for emergency services, safe child delivery, dental care, a lab for tests, complete maternal and child health care, immunization, family planning services, free pharmacy services, an awareness program in schools and regular training.

People often die in villages from diarrhoea, pneumonia, and tuberculosis, which can be treated with ordinary medicines and proper health advice. In addition, The Small World has a plan to run free medical and dental camp twice a year by partnering with international donors and doctors in this remote villages. Watch a video about one of these camps HERE.

The Small World USA is also furthering the sustainability and local engagement of this project by supporting student who wish to become nurses, health assistants, dental assistants and doctors. Through our Girls’ Bachelor’s Education Initiative you can help sponsor a student that will gain professional degrees and certificates in the health care field, and give them the ability to return to their home villages in the Solukhumbu and pay it forward to the people of their homes.


• 1 OPD room

• 2 In-patient rooms with 2 beds in each room

• 1 procedure room

• 1 Pharmacy

• 1 Lab

• 1 dental room

• 1 delivery / gynecological examination room

• 1 ANC/PNC and immunization room

• 1 Sterilization room

• 1 waiting area

• 1 store room

• 1 Meeting room plus training hall

• 2 toilets


• 3 rooms for local medical staff

• 3-5 rooms for volunteer housing


• OPD 7 days a week

• In-patient care, 24 hours

• Laboratory

• Emergency 24 hour services

• Family Planning Services

• Safe motherhood

• Reproductive health

• Dental services

• Maternal & Child health program/ immunization

• School Health program

• Specialized health services once per month


• 1 Medical officer

• 1 Registered Nurse

• 1 Health Assistant


Over 32,000 thousand remote Himalayan community people will be benefiting from this project. This health post will serve the following areas:

  • Taksindu with population of 6000 people
  • Waku with population of 8000 people
  • Basa with population of 7000 people
  • Kaku with population of 6000 people
  • Juving with population of 5000 people


We are supporting The Small World as the lead on this project. They are gaining further support from the local community, the local government and other international charity organizations. We also invite volunteers from Nepal and beyond to support this project. If you are interested in volunteering to assist at the health post, please email Sonam Sherpa at

Help contribute towards The Small World USA’s fund for $27,000 to equip and operate this safe and sustainable community health center in Phuleli by donating today.