In Their Own Voices: The Writers of the Himalayan Hope Home – Volume 5

Please enjoy June’s essay by “Hope girl” Samjana. Thank you for sharing your experience of sisterhood at Himalayan Hope Home, Samjana!

My Life in Himalayan Hope Home


It’s me, Samjana. I am 14 years old now; I was nine when I came to Himalayan Hope Home. I am very happy here because I got a chance to go to school. I enjoy my friends here. We call each other sister here, which makes us feel as if we are sisters from same mother.

We share our things, knowledge, and food, too. We care for each other. I feel like heaven here because we got lots of great chances like: visiting new places, going out for dinner, celebrating all the festivals, reading new books, watching movies, going on picnics, getting gifts on different occasions, and the most wonderful is getting love from everyone.

In school we Hope girls get appreciation from every one. I heard them talking about our sisterhood. Most of our needs are fulfilled here. I know that there are so many people like us who are not getting an opportunity for study, good food, and good health. And they are also not getting love. I pray for all those people to get love, education and food.


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