In Their Own Voices: The Writers of the Himalayan Hope Home – Volume 4

Please enjoy this essay about the life of Paratina, one of our resident girls at the Himalayan Hope Home.  Thank you, Paratina, for sharing your life story with us in your own words!

My Self

By: Paratina, Grade 6

My name is Paratina and I live in Kapan, Kathmandu. I am 13 years old and I am from Solukhumbu. I study in grade 6 at Silver Shrine School in Kapan. My younger sister Sabina is also living with me at Hope Home. I love her very much. She is 8 years old and in grade 4. My favorite book is Harry Potter and the A to Z Mysteries, which I began reading after coming here to Hope Home. My favorite movie is Barbie. My hobbies are to read books, watch movies, and go for long trips. My goal is to be an airhostess.

When I was in my village, I was unable to go to school, and at that time I didn’t have any goals. My dad left us when I was just four and my sister was two. My mom struggled to raise us. We used to live with mess and dirty clothes. We were unable to get new clothes. My mom had to work very hard to feed us, and my granny was very old. I had to work very hard, I used to go to find the grazing cattle, and bring water from the tap, which is a one-hour walk from my home. We had a small house and four of us lived there. Now I am at Hope Home and I don’t have any problems. I miss my mom and granny sometimes, but we often call them so there are no worries. I feel very lucky to be in my new home and meet such wonderful people who love me a lot. I would like to thank Uncle Karma, Aunt Sonam, and all the supportive people for giving me this happiness.


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