In Their Own Voices: The Writers of the Himalayan Hope Home – Volume 3

Please enjoy this month’s window into the life of Pasang, one of our resident girls at the Himalayan Hope Home.  Thank you, Pasang, for sharing your life story and your experiences with all of us!

Me and My Life Story

Pasang, Class 7

I was just 10 years old when my father and mother passed away. I was very young so I did not know what was right and what was wrong. I was too young to do anything. I didn’t even know what our problems were and how we could solve them. I faced lots of sadness after my parents left this world. People said bad things about us and treated us badly. They believed we were orphans because of our sin; that we were responsible for the accident. My elder brother had just finished his Class Ten, and I remember now how he was hardly able to feed us. I used to cry a lot after I realized our parents had left us and would not be back.

After few years, one of our uncles came to our village from Kathmandu and talked about taking my brother and me to Kathmandu for study. He arranged school for my younger brother at Salleri, which is the school for our district, although it is two days away. So only my uncle and I came to Kathmandu. I felt very very bad when I left my younger brother alone there.

In Kathmandu my uncle took me to Kapan HIMALAYAN HOPE HOME where I am living now. I was nervous because the place and people were very new to me. I was seeing so many new things, and I was still sad. After few days with my new family, I learned that all the friends living in Hope Home had almost the same story as mine. I became happy again with the company of friends and the love of the new parents here. I am getting a very great opportunity to build my future and to do something better for my society.

I used to miss my village and my old home, but now I am very happy here in Hope Home. I promised myself I will go back to my village only after I become an independent person.

4 thoughts on “In Their Own Voices: The Writers of the Himalayan Hope Home – Volume 3

  1. I am so glad you have found happiness at Himalayan Hope Home, Pasang. Thank you for sharing your story.


  2. It is wonderful to hear your story of finding a place of love and acceptance at Hope Home. Knowing there are others like us who “know” us can bring hope to the darkest days.

    Thank you for sharing.


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