In Their Own Voices: The Writers of the Himalayan Hope Home – Volume 7

Please enjoy August’s essay by “Hope girl” Pasang about her goal to become a doctor. Thank you for sharing your hope to help those in your village and all of Nepal through medicine, Pasang, as well as sharing your experiences of the challenges the people of Nepal face due to impacts from the recent earthquakes. We support your dreams!


By Pasang

I am in 7th grade, and it’s time to think about my goal. I have heard that people without goals are like monkeys without a tail. So, I have a goal in my life, and my goal is to be a doctor.  When I was in grade 5, I didn’t think much about my goal, I just used to enjoy myself and read my book. I didn’t worry about the future, only the present.  My teacher used to ask me, “what is your goal?”   I used to reply, “I want to be a pilot. I used to think about flying high in the sky in an airplane. But I was wrong, because it wasn’t my goal, just something I’d heard about from others.

I know that being a pilot is not a greater or lesser goal than being a doctor. They are equal, but I just want to do something that will be beneficial for my village and my villagers.  I think I can better serve my village by being a doctor.  They don’t know that they need an airplane for transportation. If they need to leave their villages, they go by walking, whether it is a journey of one minute or two hours. But I have seen many people die due to lack of a good doctor. So, I plan to become a doctor and go to my villages and help my people. Not only my village, but the whole nation. I want to be a good doctor and I’m working hard to achieve my goal.

I knew I want to be a doctor when the earthquake occurred in 2016 and many people died due to the lack of doctors. Thousands of peoples’ lives were ruined due to lack of medical treatment. At that time, we were not able to do anything to help. We just watched the news and prayed for them. Everyone was saying they wished they could do something to save them. We saw that it took the armies a week to rescue people in very remote areas.  Many people died of their injuries.

At that time, I was thinking that if I was a doctor, I would be able to save many people who were dying due to lack of simple treatment of their wounds. People were crying and searching for food, clothes and shelter. Many people were donating needed items, but they were not able to minimize their pain of losing relatives. From the day I saw the dire situation I was inspired to be doctor, and one day I will be doctor. So, I am focusing a lot on science and math in school.

I am grateful to everyone who is supporting me to achieve my goal.


Learn more about Pasang’s support systems at the Himalayan Hope Home.

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