In Their Own Voices: The Writers of the Himalayan Hope Home – Volume 8

Please enjoy October’s essay by “Hope girl” Krishma about a trip for the Himalayan Hope Home girls to another part of Nepal!

Review of My First Trip

by Krishma

I will always remember the wonderful day when we went on our first long trip out of Kathmandu valley for two days, to the Sindupalchok district.

After a five hour drive we arrived at a home like our home. We were very happy to meet with new people. We were welcomed by tea, biscuits and lots of other local fruits. The place was almost the same as our Solukhumbu home, but we have been in the city area for six years, so we were very excited to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful environment.

Students of that home became our friends very quickly. Their lifestyle was totally different from ours. They grow vegetables, and raise buffalo and goats. Their vegetables were very fresh and organic. We all were very interested to see their local life.

We spent our first day at their home, talking with new friends and enjoying time with them. On the second day, they took us for a hike and we climbed a hill. It was a very happy moment. We climbed up for two hours to reach the top. The fresh air, beautiful views and the big rivers were very interesting. We enjoyed it very much.

We ate local food there, enjoyed their company, and promised to meet them again. While we were getting ready to return home, we all were very sad because we were leaving our new friends. We promised to call them often and hugged everyone, and took the bus back to Kathmandu.

This is the first time I went out for so long with my sisters to a new place, and it was very wonderful. I will remember those days forever.


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