Phuleli Village Community Center Construction

Goal: To build a community center and health post in the village of Phuleli.

There is great need for community centers and health posts in many villages in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal. Following the devastating earthquakes of 2015 many families were left without homes or were left with homes that were so structurally compromised that they could no longer safely live in them. As a result, many people requested help to construct new, earthquake resistant homes. By building a community center instead, The Small World USA and The Small World Nepal aim to accomplish several key community development goals:

  • involve community members in the construction of the center, thus allowing them to collectively learn safe, sustainable, earthquake-resistant construction techniques. This will allow them to learn how to construct resilient structures on their own, for their homes, their farm buildings and more.
  • create a community shelter where community members can find refuge and shelter in the event of future disasters including earthquakes, mudslides, floods and more
  • provide a space to offer educational programs including health workshops, adult literacy classes, micro-finance workshops, women’s empowerment programs and more
  • provide a space for a community health post, staffed by a local Nepali woman nurse

Help contribute towards The Small World USA’s fund for the $40k construction of a safe and sustainable community center in Phuleli by donating today.