Inspirational International Women’s Day Leadership Development Event

Many of the girls enrolled in The Small World (TSW) Hostel are from faraway villages in Solukhumbhu where it is unheard of for women to be in a position of authority. To encourage and educate these girls about their future possibilities, this year TSW organized a Leadership Development program on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The training took place at TSW’s Salleri dormitory, which houses forty (40) girls currently in grades 11 and 12, and aimed to introduce and share the experiences and inspirations of women leaders from various fields in the district.

A news article was featured in Nepal and we wanted to share a recap of the presentations with you in English. Enjoy!

Mr. Bhakta Yonjan gave a motivational talk to the girls, focusing on the importance of education and the necessity of taking responsibility for their own future.

Mrs. Ghandimaya Tamang, a member of the Municipal Council of Solududhkunda, shared her experiences and plans to represent women and women’s issues in the local level election.

Municipal Spokesperson Sharadamaya Tamang shared the challenges she faced in her efforts to advance herself, and emphasized that women should compete in politics since it is the most effective impetus for change.

Tanki Maya Basnet, chairperson of the Women’s Human Right Defenders Network, said that getting educated is the first step toward ensuring every human right, especially for women in remote villages who should be educated in regard to their rights. Such a program, she stated, would greatly help in the empowerment of women.

District Vice President of the Federation of Nepali Journalists, Bina Rai, said there is a huge need for the presence of strong women in the media and encouraged entering the profession, noting that women have a bright future in the field of journalism.

TSW graduate, Anita Tamang, shared her success story of completing a Paramedics Degree and working at Norvic International, one of Nepal’s best hospitals.

Anita Tamang was among the presenters.

Shanti Rai, a former student who is now a Registered Nurse, said that her dream of becoming a nurse was fulfilled with TSW’s help. Today, she is giving back to the community and fulfilling the vision of TSW by working as an In-Charge of the Phuleli Community Health Center.

Davaki Rai, a participant, said that she was impressed by the ideas of the speakers and was inspired by their successes. Her opinion seemed to be echoed by the girls, who were visibly enthused about the speakers’ experiences and encouraging words.

TSW President Karma Sherpa shared that by providing good educational support and skills development, TSW would like to see many more women in leadership positions in the near future. He also especially thanked all the supporters of The Small World who greatly assist in reaching its goals and continuing its mission.

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