Hope Home Writers’ Workshop: Essays from lockdown

Here are two essays from two of our girls at the Himalayan Hope Home in Kathmandu with their reflection on lockdown during the summer of 2020.

Good in Every Situation

By Krishma S.

Hello everyone. It has been a long time since I’ve been with you guys. It would be crazy, or you guys will think I am foolish, when I say that I am happy for being on lockdown. Well, it doesn’t mean that this lockdown should happen again for a long time, and also I must admit that I will be happy when the covid-19 virus is gone and our days go back to normal as they were just before the pandemic began. But here, I would like to share my hopeless feelings from which I have changed, thanks to the lockdown.

In this whole world, I miss and love my mom very much, even though she is not with me. I know I am very angry with her because she left me alone when I was 7 years old. The truth I am going to tell you is I am happy that she left me alone. Because if she had not left me alone, then I could not have come here to Hope Home and make my life bright. I am not saying that I do not want my mom back. Yeah, I know that this pandemic is not supposed to be happy, but guys, that is why I am very happy. The more you run away from your problem, the more you have to face it.  How many days should I have to remember my mom and cry for my mom when the result does not bring us together? Furthermore, I have my whole life to live so I should not waste my life in this easy way. Thinking positively, being on lockdown gives me a chance to express my feelings, sharing happy and sad moments with my friends. Also, I have learned to cook food and I am learning to paint pictures. Lockdown has also given me the opportunity to return the gift to my family, because when I was busy or sick they did all my all chores and tried to make me happy. In this way, I am very happy.

So, we all should train our minds to think positively. Good thoughts bring us success in life. So, please let us realize that lockdown has given us a chance to make strong relationships with our parents and friends. We can engage in different work such as cooking and taking care of sisters, etc.  And last, we need to have strong belief in ourselves that this virus will not harm us, and to succeed in life we should have good and positive thoughts, even in a difficult situation.


Lockdown in Hope Home

By Samjhana B.

During this lockdown, people are having trouble in many ways. Like not getting food to eat and even not getting the chance to work to fulfill their basic needs. As Nepal is not a developed country, Nepalese are suffering from hunger.

In Hope Home, we are 7 students and 3 staff members. All the schools have been closed due to covid-19. So, we are staying home at Hope Home. We participate in online classes from Hope Home. We stay at Hope Home and read books from the library, help seniors work in kitchen, and also work in our garden. We’ve grown some cucumber, chili, tomato, and maize. We ate the maize we grew by ourselves. This season is monsoon so people are growing paddy in their field. Sometimes we practice dance, music and watch movies, too. We play various types of games with our small sisters and play volleyball, too. We’ve been doing a lot of new things, but sometimes we feel bad because we are not getting to go to school. We miss learning new things in school. We miss our friends because half of them have gone to their own homes.

Everyone needs to be careful and maintain social distance because covid-19 is a communicable disease which has spread all over the world. We need to be very careful, so we are using hand sanitizer, masks and washing our hands. We are also maintaining distance and not going outside for unnecessary things.

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