Writers of the Himalayan Hope Home: Travel!

Enjoy some words from the bright young girls who are the Writers of the Himalayan Hope Home in Kathmandu! Here are several essays by the girls on trips, vacation and travel. Cheers!

About My Vacation

by: Pratina

We had a long vacation after our annual examination.

We were very happy and excited to finish our final exam. I washed my uniforms and other dresses on the first day of vacation. The next day, we stayed at home managing our library, cleaning our rooms and some of us helped in the kitchen cooking food. Our younger sisters watched cartoons on TV. When we heard news that we were going to visit Namobuddha, we were very excited.

We were very excited, waiting for the day, and when it finally came, we all were very happy. We ate breakfast early in the morning and got ready for the trip. A big bus was there to take us. We enjoyed ourselves in the bus by singing, and some of us danced in the bus.  On the way, we saw so many beautiful views, different types of trees and our national flower, the rhododendron.  We reached Namobuddha, a cultural, historical and religious place.

We learned about the Buddhist religion and monasteries, and we also learned the history of the place: once upon a time there was a prince, and one day he went into the jungle with his friends around Namobuddha.  While visiting the jungle, the prince saw a tiger with her 5 cubs. He also noticed that they were very hungry. The prince was very kind, his friends ran away, but he stayed there and he donated his hand to the hungry tiger and her cubs. Then the tigers ate his whole body. A few years later the same person was born as Buddha in Lumbini of Nepal.

It was very interesting to listen to that story. The surrounding of the monasteries was also very beautiful.  We stayed there for a couple of hours, then we returned home. On the way home, our sister Pema took us to an aviation museum. We got tickets and went inside a big plane. Seeing an international airplane was very amazing. We learned so many things about planes. We also saw so many different types of planes. We were very happy. It was another beautiful holiday trip.


Journey to Namobuddha and the Aviation Museum

by: Pasang

Our goal was to be at Namobuddha as soon as possible, and after that, at the Aviation Museum. We woke up early in the morning and ate breakfast and started getting ready for our long trip to Namobuddha. Some of my friends took anti vomiting medicine so they would not feel sick on the drive. All Hope Girls knew we were going for a long drive. It was our second long drive. Our first long drive was of 6 hours when we went to Sindupalchowk. Our bus was reserved, and we felt comfortable and lucky. After travelling for 4 hours, we reached at Namobuddha. On the way we all danced, sang and enjoyed watching the beautiful views. We took a group photo that showed our excitement.

The environment was very peaceful, and I was feeling very peaceful while visiting the monasteries. We walked around the stupa, starting from the right side, because of Buddhist rules that we should walk from right side of monasteries or stupas. We visited all the monasteries, and they were all very beautiful with different types of art. The history of Namobuddha was written on the wall, the story of a hungry mother tiger, her 5 cubs, and a prince. The prince sacrificed his life for the hungry mother tiger and her cubs, and Buddha is the reincarnation of that great prince.

We enjoyed the beautiful environment, decorated by beautiful trees, fruits and flowers. We stayed there for 2 and a half hours. On the way home, we went to a museum, which was really different from other any museum, we had visited before.

We waited there an hour for our turn to enter. We entered a big airplane with our boarding pass. In the first room, we were welcomed by an air host, and we watched a documentary about the airplane museum. We visited all the rooms and saw all different types of planes. After an hour inside museum we took lots of pictures and got on the bus to go back home. Our trip home was just as much fun as the drive to Namobuddha.


Trip to Sindupalchok

by Pratina Rai

We took a vacation after our third term examinations. At that time, we got a chance to visit Sindupalchok. It was my first trip. All my friends and I packed our dresses and gotready. On Saturday morning at 6:30 am, we took the bus.

On the way, we sang songs and danced in the bus because we were very excited. We were passing through Bhaktapur, Sivapuri and Kabre where we had already been. I saw a beautiful jungle, rivers, waterfalls, vegetable farms and different types of houses. We stopped by the Melamchi River for lunch. Then we continued our journey. In some places the roads were very narrow and steep, so we were afraid. The closer were got to our destination, the more excited we were.

Finally, we arrived. There was a hostel like ours and the name of that hostel was Team Nepal. Their house was blue and they also had farms and a garden. I saw their small kitchen and dining room. First of all, we introduced ourselves to our new friends there, and then we rested in their guest rooms. The room was very clean and well decorated.

Next day, the new friends took us for a hike to Batashe Dada. I was very excited for that. I enjoyed all the beautiful views and played with cold water.  They fed us their local food which was very delicious and special for us.

This was my first trip, I can’t forget this trip and friends there, who were very friendly and helpful. I am missing them now, and I am very thankful to our Uncle Karma and Aunt Sonam and to our donors for giving us such a wonderful opportunity.


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