In Their Own Voices: The Writers of the Himalayan Hope Home – Volume 9

Enjoy an essay by the young, bright Dolmi from the Himalayan Hope Home!


by Dolmi

It’s me Dolmi. I am in grade 4. I am 10 years old. I feel very happy and lucky in this new home because I am very safe and free here. When I lived in my village, I had to work very hard. I had to wake up early in the morning, and go to cut the grass, and feed grass to our cow and grain to our hens. I lived with my grandmother and two uncles. I love my grandmother very much, and I know she also loves me. 

One day, surprisingly, she told me that I was going to Kathmandu to study. I didn’t want to leave my grandmother but she told me that, “your studies are very important, so you have to go.” I came to Kathmandu and met new friends. It was difficult to adjust to the new place in the beginning, but I got lots of love from everyone.

Now I am in grade 4 and I am doing very well in school. I like to participate in different programs. Last week I participated in a dance competition and I got first place. I won the prize, and I felt very happy. I have a goal, which is to be a good dancer.

We are learning to help other people in our life at Hope Home. I would like to work to improve life for poor people when I finish my studies. Thank you.  

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