Hope Home Writer’s Workshop: Girls are the Change Makers

Empowering girls to be their own change makers is a critical component of improving lives: not only those of the girls themselves, but also those of members of the girls’ home communities, those in their nations and other living beings on this planet. When we educate girls, we create a positive feedback loop that allows girls, communities, nations and the environment to benefit. A large part of this is that girls, like those we support in Nepal, that are educated at higher level tend to return home to their rural communities. There they pay it forward and spread the benefits of their education to those around them. Often this ends up having positive impacts on the natural environment, as well, in either direct or indirect ways.

This essay by one of our girls at the Himalayan Hope Home, Phurba, clearly demonstrates one girl’s story of how she wants to study hard, become a doctor and return to her rural home to pay it forward. Thank you for your dedication, motivation and compassionate spirit, Phurba. You are the change!

My Future Plan

By Phurba S.

As I am studying in school now, I have many plans. And since my hobby is travelling, and since after completing grade 10 we will have a three month holiday, I want to visit many places during this holiday. I will do many things which will really help my future plan.

I want visit so many places after completing my SEE examination, (School Education Examination). As I am a citizen of Nepal, I want to know everything about Nepal. I want to visit places like remote areas, underdeveloped places, villages, mountainous places and so on. I want to visit these places because I want to know what things are lacking there, and how can we help them, what facilities we should provide them. If I travel to these places, I think it will help my future plan a lot because I will notice things, like if there are proper facilities for health centers or not, what kind of vegetables they are eating and if there is proper sanitation. I will encouraged them. And I will try to provide all the facilities of a health care center if I really become a good doctor.

After completing grade 10, I will continue my study. Since my aim is to be a doctor, I will continue by taking science as a major subject. I think it is hard to do, but I will not give up, but keep on aiming for success in my goals. I will do a bachelor’s degree in science, and I will try to work at hospitals in remote areas of Nepal. Since Nepal is a developing country, it needs many qualified doctors, and I would treat the patients very carefully. I want to be different from others. I will not speak rudely with patients. I will be always ready to help them.

My future plan depends on my success on the SEE examination. As I wrote before, SEE is the School Education Examination. It should be given at the end of grade 10. It is the final result of secondary school. After this exam we can go to college. If we don’t pass it, we will not have the opportunity to go to college. So, I will try to do my best. I am confident of passing my SEE exam with a good marks and going to an excellent college and becoming a successful doctor.

To make my plan succeed, I am working hard, no matter what difficulties come into my life. I will try to solve each and every problem and keep on trying to achieve my goal. I will do best to succeed in my life.


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