The Mukli School: A Journey to Success

In the autumn of 2016 I made my first visit to the school in the village of Mukli. I was visiting the school as a part of my Master’s research on the support structures in rural Nepal that best allow more girls to achieve higher levels of education. During my visit I met with the headmaster, Dil Kumar Rai. After I had interviewed him and seen the school grounds, he took the time to write a personal letter to my colleague and leader of our partnering NGO, The Small World (Nepal): Karma Sherpa. Once I was back in Kathmandu, I hand delivered the letter to Karma. It asked for support to replace the school buildings in Mukli.

With the classrooms badly damaged in the earthquakes of 2015, The Small World had built a bamboo structure to serve as temporary classrooms, but permanent structures were sorely needed. Upon receiving Dil Kumar’s letter, Karma made the Mukli school a priority project.

In the autumn of 2018 I returned to Mukli to visit the school with volunteers from Norway and Sweden. We spent a week living with local host families in the village and working on construction tasks for a new classroom building.

In the summer of 2019 the buildings were completed! Thank you to all of you who have helped support this important and tangible project to improve the educational settings for children in rural Nepal! All that have sent funds, carried stones and been of support are appreciated and thanked. The children are jumping for joy!

Be well,



new building classroomMukli new school building completedChildren playing in School

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