Two Years Later: Moving Forward in Nepal after the Quakes of 2015

It has been just over two years since two massive 7.8 and 7.3 earthquakes shook Nepal and decimated uncountable homes, schools, businesses, temples, and other buildings. The people of Nepal are strong, both in body and mind, and their resiliency is a critical element in their perseverance over these past two years, riddled with aftershocks. They are slowly beginning to rebuild their lives and their structures, when they have the means, but often they do not. Government support is limited and restricted in many cases, and rebuilding is slow. But the resiliency of these people is still there.

We are working with our partnering NGO in Nepal, The Small World, to create the capacity needed for communities, families and schools to rebuild and move forward – with support, shelter, education and the confidence to continue. In the past two years The Small World has worked to build 20 temporary school buildings to shelter over 1,500 students, and 15 permanent classrooms that benefited over 1,000 children. This year The Small World aims to build 10 more permanent earthquake resistant schoolrooms to shelter 500 more students in their pursuit of a life-changing education.

As we move ahead into the rest of 2017, The Small World USA is dedicated to supporting these projects and more. Help us to continue to rebuild Nepal and support the empowerment and uplifting of people who need the infrastructure to match their already resilient and uplifted characters. You can make a contribution to this important cause here.

Namaste and thank you!

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