Earthquake may lead to generational gap

In April and May 2015 massive earthquakes rattled the Himalayan nation of Nepal. Long after the news of these events has passed out of the attention of the media, the people of Nepal continue to rebuild, heal, and work on a daily basis to find ways forward. Many school buildings and classrooms have been destroyed or made unsafe to use due to structural damage. This impact has left 5,000 kids out of school in the Solukhumbu District alone. One million children are out of school across all of Nepal.

Without school buildings for classes the future generations of Nepal are being left out in the elements without an opportunity to pursue basic education. Help The Small World USA to reduce the generational gap in education that could result from this structural dearth. Help us to support projects to rebuild classrooms in the Solukhumbu and help Nepal’s children of today become the leaders of tomorrow.

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