Nepal Emergency COVID-19 Fund: Seeds of Hope

September 1, 2020

Dear Small World USA Friends and Family,

In the wake of COVID-19 and its secondary impacts in rural Nepal, we are partnering with The Small World (Nepal) to create real change on the ground. We have now helped support the second phase of response in the communities where we work with a new program: Seeds of Hope. With your help we have helped 500 women and their families with food security! Read more and see pictures on our blog.

With thanks,



We are going to launch a new and even stronger, innovative & self sustainable relief program called ” Seeds of Hope” which can go a long-way and create positive impacts long-term. Our primary goal is to directly reach 1000 women. Therefore, we invite you to join us to launch this program sharing your ideas, opportunities and other resources available in your network. We will form local women’s groups to structure the program. There will be 30 women in each group, and every woman will receive seeds and support from agricultural experts about farming.

Here are pictures of the families we have helped thus far in 2020. What joy is in their faces as they proudly display their beautiful crops!


Right now in Nepal hunger is a much more serious challenge than COVID-19, and hunger is guaranteed to be an issue long after the pandemic is over. After lockdown in the district of Solukhumbu, where we are working, over three dozen people have committed suicide; in the rest of Nepal, over 900 people have committed suicide, and yet we have just ten deaths in Nepal from the virus so far. According to the World Food Program, an estimated 4.8 million people in Nepal were struggling with food security .


We will form women’s groups with 30 women in each group, and every member will receive seeds and support from agricultural experts. Many of our girls from the Salleri Hostel and their families are also participating. Our program is actually not a training for individuals – it is in fact a beautiful family program. Every mother or family member who participates in our farming program will take this training and then pass the education on to their home and share it with everyone there, especially the children. This will enable a ripple effect of positive empowerment and change as people learn to grow their own food and create a sustainable solution to hunger.

Long-Term Impact

This program will encourage 1000 women to grow their own food and feed their families. It will helps over 1000 out-of-school children to learn and explore farming with their mothers. The families reached will be able to sell their own food which will both end hunger for them and others while generating critical income. This program will address hunger, nutrition, and organic farming, while educating the younger generation to grow food and seek possibilities through farming. Today’s gardeners will provide tomorrow’s food.

Take action now! Donate for impact!

$30 can support a family

$100 can support a group of 5 women

$500 can support a village

$900 can support a women’s group with 30 members

$1,000 can support a community for farming.

Please share this important work with your networks. Thank you and be well!

Take care and thank you,

Sally, Karma, Sonam and the teams from The Small World USA and Nepal